Hey Guys and Gals,

Exxxotica is right around the corner and Desperate Pleasures in conjunction with Pureplay Media and DNA Studio B will be featuring the lovely Ms Hope Harper along with the rest of our family. Joining Hope will be sisters Akira Shell and Camille Black along with Daddys friends Skyler Nicole and Ami Mercury with lots of merchandise to autograph for fans that buy them in person. The signing times will be updated as needed but heres what we have so far:


Friday Night

5-8 Pm Hope Harper and Akira Shell

6-9 Pm Skyler Nicole

8-10 PM Ami Mercury

10:30-midnight Hope Harper and Akira Shell Ms Exxxotica on main stage


2 Pm- 4 Pm Hope Harper, Akira Shell

2 Pm- 6 Pm Skyler Nicole

3 Pm- 6 Pm Ami Mercury

6 pm- 8pm Akira Shell

5:30- 7:30 Hope Harper


2 pm to 6 pm Hope Harper, Akira Shell, Ami Mercury, Skyler Nicole


Camilles schedule will be released shortly but be sure to stop by for live sybian shows and watch the girls have fun with their step brother Mile Striker too