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Hey there! My name’s Akira Shell and I’m 19 years of age. I started in the industry as a webcam model in April of 2015, so I’m still pretty fresh and new to adult entertainment as a whole. I was always locked away inside my sexual shell, so to call it, and was never very openly sexual. I had never experimented with many things, or even just spent time walking around naked. When I started camming it took a bit to get used to, and there was a rush about it that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I ended up loving it in just a few weeks. Shortly after, I got contacted by a talent scout and was flown down to Miami to start making a name for myself. I went solo, then got taken in by this crazy lot. You will basically only find my xxx work with JW Ties and very few others (all the more reason to keep coming back)!


Thinking back on my life made me realize that there have been more than a few events that shaped my experience to be led to this industry. It all started when I was a little school girl. I would always hang up my sleeping mat during story time with my friend, who always had her blonde short hair tied into little pig tails, and slip our tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. Later in life I had a close friend that would always get me in trouble, and she and I would play ‘doctor’ on the regular. The hairs on my skin would rise and my toes would be clenched as we would spread apart each other’s lips to examine our patient’s body. One time when we were taking a bath together we randomly decided to see how far we could get our finger up our ass. It makes me chuckle to this day. Until recently though, I had never been able to play around with my sexual fantasies.

Since being here I started learning how much I like pain, especially choking and spanking. There’s something so comforting about the way my skin burns and tingles after getting a nice spanking. I’d say that my biggest sexual fantasy is to be choked until I pass out, then continue to be fucked until I start to cum. Then, I want to come to while cumming. Basically, I want someone to break through my (Akira) Shell.


My hobbies, not so surprisingly, include pain as well. I’m a derby girl, and there is nothing that I love more than to slam full force into someone and send them flying across the room, sprawling out across the floor… I love to cook, bake, clean, and organize things, so you’ll always find me running around doing things. A huge passion of mine is traveling. My dream in life is to travel all around central and South America, working in different animal rehabilitation/rescue centers. The first animal sanctuary that I worked in was in Costa Rica. There was on sloth there who was a permanent resident, so every single day I would take him nap with him, where he would nestle into my neck. By the end of my stay I could go into the cage and call out his name, and he’d come over and slowly reach his arm out to me. He was ready for his nap. Needless to say, I fell in love with him (hence my giant tattoo of him on my arm) and I fell in love with the rain forest. I’ve got the travel bug, and I got it bad.


You can find me lurking around other places on the internet, mostly twitter and my cams. Visit my clip store for all your dirty needs. ;)

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