Angelica Cruz wp


Sexy newcomer Angelica Cruz has some wicked skills and a few surprises too. When we discovered this busty babe was lactating too it was the perfect concept for our breastmilk and taboo fans too. Angelica is very shy and reserved in public but when she lets her hair down this chics wild.

Soon as my lips wrapped around one of her nipples and the milk started flowing she turned into a nympho. I’m pretty sure it was the taboo of the scene that had her cumming all over the place. By the end of the day we were all drained and sticky but wow what a day. Theres quite a bit coming to our sites next month but in the meantime heres the first in her taboo series:

Daddy Got Milk

And I Got His Cream

Dear Diary,

As you well know it’s been almost a year since I came home from school. I just couldn’t face the family being pregnant and all. Once I recovered though I realized I needed Daddy even more.

The day I came home Daddy was very surprised to see me. He scolded me for not coming home sooner and not keeping in touch. I sat down beside him like I used to and before long all was forgiven.

Daddy started playing with my breasts because they’d gotten so big. When he put his lips on them he got the surprise of his life though. When his mouth filled up with milk I knew I was going to have to come clean.

After I told him about the pregnancy he seemed to relax and got transfixed on my full breasts. Daddy sucked and massaged my tits while I stroked his cock and milk went everywhere. He was so turned on by my breast milk he moved me to the table and started fucking me while suckling on my tits even more.

Daddy made me cum then we moved to the couch. We made love in so many positions I totally lost track til daddy exploded inside me. Soon as he did he didn’t even consider the possible consequences and went right back to sucking my milk. I hope he realizes I’m still super fertile!!

Xo Angelica