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As many of you know we are celebrating out 10th year in production this year and we’ve got some big plans. Over the years we’ve done some pretty crazy floor shows with inflatable zebras, crazy tickling competitions and lots of massive give aways. Several years back we started doing tickling demonstrations during our classes at Fetishcon and we get a great turnout every year….. except the one we missed somehow lol. This year the lovely Catherine Foxx and I will be doing our awesome live Demo for everyone and I’m expecting a massive turnout since we’re telling you ahead of time. Here’s a link to the Demonstration information: Tickling 101 

As always we’ll have some sexy volunteer lees and lots of laughs plus a few special surprises. This year we will be giving away a few of our fetish DVD’s from the Desperate Pleasures line as well as free clips and discount coupons for custom videos. After the demonstration we will invite the audience to join us in tickling a volunteer or 2.

In addition to our Tickling demo I’m hosting another very special class to commemorate my humble beginnings in the halls of Fetishcon. 10 years of Ties will be focusing on different styles of bondage and rigging for fun as well as video production.  Joining me for this special event is the lovely Lenna Lux who can’t seem to get enough rope around her. Here’s the class info: 10 Years Of Ties

I’ll be bringing a variety of rope and restraints but I encourage each of you to bring a few lengths of your favorite rope so you can follow along in the basics. Just like our tickling demonstration we’ll have several surprises and freebies plus a chance to tie up a volunteer or 2 so come join us for a very sinful Sunday afternoon.

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