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As many of you know I’ve been making taboo movies for several years. A few months after my daughter turned 18 one of my fans, Mr X, started trying to get us to do a scene. At first I was hesitant to even ask my daughter but it was an extremely large amount of money. After giving it careful consideration my daughter Taylor finally agreed.

Mr X came over to the house and we sat on the couch. He had Taylor come in and both of us showed our ID then we shyly started exploring each others bodies. My daughter was just as nervous as I was so I went really slow.

After playing with her tiny breasts my mouth moved to her pussy and she started to relax. Before long my daughter had my cock in her mouth and the rest was history. When I entered her tight wet pussy it was such a turn on we both got lost in lust. We made love for almost 30 minutes before we both had massive orgasms.

This is as real as it gets for sure!!

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