Barely legal Leisha Lush has some very sexy secrets locked inside her head and when she reveals them to the world it’s intense. Leisha has an intense sexual appetite that she satisfies as often as possible. From the moment she confided her desires in Daddy he made every effort to make them cum true. Heres a sneak peek at what happened:


Dear Diary,

The older I get the more I’ve begun to notice things. My desires seem to lead me towards older men and sometimes it gets me into trouble. Since I turned 18 things have gotten more intense and my fantasies grew darker. Often when I masturbate I find myself thinking of Daddy and it’s gotten pretty bad. So bad that I sometimes scream his name when I cum.

The other day I thought nobody was home and I decided to play with myself. Things got heated up pretty quickly and soon I was moaning Daddy whil I came. Daddy rushed in and startled me but he was even more shocked. I confessed my feelings to him and before he could resist I pulled out his cock.

Daddys cock got instantly hard in my warm mouth and he started playing with me too. Before I knew it Daddy had me bent over on the bed and was pounding my wet pussy. Daddy made me cum so hard I fantasized loudly about him cumming in me and sure enough he did. I hope I don’t get pregnant even though I’m 18 now.

XO Leisha

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