Holy Shitballs where does the time go?? I’m already having another Birthday but this ones a milestone, I’m turning 45. About a week ago Bobby from Demonseed hit me up to see if Hope could make it up for Jaysons birthday and when he found out it was mine too we decided to do an even bigger bash. Mama Jojo, Hope Harper and Zoey Carter  will be coming to Orlando with me and we may have a few other guests for this once in a lifetime event.

This special night Hope Harper will be doing some on air shenanigans with a sybian, her gifted vagina and our shared birthday cake(s).  Flynt Dominick and Whitney Morgan will be carrying on in their usual fashion and there may be an after party somewhere near by. If you’re gonna be near the Orlando area this Friday watch my twitter feed ( @Jwties ) to see where we end up!!

Some of the things we’ll be covering besides the birthday bash include upcoming releases from Desperate Pleasures and DNA Studio B plus a look inside Hope Harpers Fan Club. This is one of those shows you’re not going to want to miss if you’ve seen us live…….. Hell even if you just watch the clips you know what to expect when this family has a party.