19 year old Penny Nichols is barely 4′ 09″ and a bundle of sexual intensity. We had her in for DNA Studios new series Daddys video Virgins and right away we decided she would have to come back for a taboo scene. Penny agreed to do a high risk creampie for the very first time and we set up a very twisted family fantasy:

Dear Diary,
Lately I’ve been having these really weird dreams about my Dad. I don’t know what going on with me or if these fantasies are even normal but I really seem to enjoy them. Like last night while I was sleeping I had a dream my Dad gave me the opportunity to act on my desires! He called me into his office and it was like he already knew what I had been dreaming about! He asked me to fuck him, it felt so real! Almost like I was actually having sex! We fucked all over his office and then later that day he called me into his bedroom where we continued to fuck! In my dream Daddy even
came inside me, it was so warm and I could feel it leaking out I got so excited I woke myself up and then something weird happened. I was laying there naked with cum leaking out of me and my Uncle J was walking away laughing. Maybe that was just a weird dream too? Maybe I was fantasizing about fucking Uncle J too, but then this creampie felt so real. Well back to bed. Night Diary!

Needless to say Penny was a natural as a naughty niece and daughter too. Look for Taboo Creampies 3 on 9/24/2015 or check out the clip this weekend on: